Episode 001: Dangerous Childhood

Welcome back, all none of you, to the first official episode of the Venterrobang Podcast. I made a promise with the pre-episode that “it will get better,” and I think we achieved “better.” This episode gives a brief overview of the podcast format outline that you can come to expect from episodes in the future, along with a discussion of dangerous toys from our childhood, intermingled with stories of daring feats that we no longer posses the stones to try now, and sprinkled with a healthy amount of rabbit trail material along the way. It also serves as the initial field test using the Mumble server as our recording platform. What did we learn from this initial test? That recording the podcast remotely over the internet using two separate operating systems and protocols can prove to be annoying as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks to get running and configured. We recorded on my Ubuntu 64-bit machine, with remote link from Jonathan on the OS of which we dare not speak. The original take of this episode sounded like I was interviewing a 600 baud modem at some corny under water seafood theme restaurant. The second take that you have before you, sounded drastically better yet leaving plenty of room for improvements.

I thought I would try to list some of the fine quality toys that have been survived by children all across this great land, along with a link if available.


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Open Source Software products Audacity (basic mixing), Ubuntu 64-bit (Desktop Linux Operating System), Mumble (raw recording), and WordPress (blogging software) were used to create this episode.

This podcast features the song
by Tenpenny Joke
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