Episode 004: Of Mice and Manure

Welcome back, all however many of you still with us, to the fourth official episode of the Venterrobang Podcast. I made a promise with the pre-episode that “it will get better,” and I think we are constantly achieving “better.” This episode gives a brief overview of the podcast format outline that you can come to expect from episodes in the future, along with our rants about trailers of the horse and flatbed varieties, random stories of vehicles on farms, and is, as usual, sprinkled with a healthy amount of rabbit trail material along the way. We also mentioned that there may possibly be an Android app coming, if I can learn how to code a true and full app before the Android platform is obsolete. I’m still tinkering with the app. I do have our online store framework built on this site, however it is currently disabled as we have nothing to sell. Oh, and if you want a Venterrobang Podcast logo on something like a T-Shirt or Mug, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. I have also built in a Premium Content portion, that is also, until we have any “Premium Content” to deliver, barren.

We had a special guest on this episode, Obie Harrup III. How special? You be the judge. We were very pleased to have him join us and add his own personal je ne sais quoi to the conversation. We hope to have him back in the future, and left an open invitation for any future episode. Need more Obie? Find his design work on Flickr, or contact him via e-mail.

I thought I would try to list some of the fine quality establishments that have been mentioned in this episode, along with a link if available.


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