Ubuntu App

How do I add your Ubuntu Application with automatic updates from your PPA?

Open a terminal and enter:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mattperry1976/my-venterrobang

Your system will now fetch the PPA’s key. This enables your Ubuntu system to verify that the packages in the PPA have not been interfered with since they were built. Now, as a one-off, you should tell your system to pull down the latest list of software from each archive it knows about, including the PPA you just added. Paste this into the terminal:
sudo apt-get update

Finally you are ready to install the Venterrobang Podcast ubuntu application. Paste this into the terminal:
sudo apt-get install my-venterrobang

But what if I just want to download it and try it?

Just download the .deb file by clicking on the link below:

Get the Venterrobang Podcast Ubuntu App NOW!